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Fantasy Quake: Rise of the Phoenix


Author: Team Phoenix

A world in the Balance.... Life versus Death, Good versus Evil, and somewhere in between is the answer..... the focal point of Balance - Rebirth.

What is Fantasy Quake, what is it about?

Choose from among six player classes and battle your way across the continent in search of the fabled Phoenix Egg, a legendary immortal bird who is symbolic of the Balance of Life, Death, and Rebirth.

Each character has his/her own motivations for seeking the Egg of the Phoenix, but they all share one goal and purpose - get the helpless Egg before the invading army, led by a supreme evil, find it.


6 Statistic based classes
10 Experience levels per class
8 Completely original weapons
45 skills and spells already coded, over 60 total planned


• Fatigue - finally a reason to turn off always run
• Footstep/swimming noises
• Stats determine physical ability (run speed, jump height, footstep volume)
• Realistic behaving weapons - no "insta-bullets" (i.e. shotgun style)
• Pick up ammo from missed shots, both yours and monster's
• Burning fire - find water or "stop, drop, and roll" to extinguish


• Inventory based - use items when you want
• Drop items/ammo for your friends
• Keep up to 9 of each item from one level to the next
"Real" shields that have to be pointed at incoming attack
• Buy items at shops (sell, too, in the final version)
• Unique power-ups, as well as classics (grapple)


• Each class has unique model and/or skin
• Player models show active weapon, shields
Over 100 total new/altered models
• Skins that show when target is wounded
6 completely new monster models, including an all-new boss
15 new weapon models
• Completely redesigned status bar


Over 24 unique levels (including towns and secret levels)
• More than a 100 original new textures
• Stunning, architecturally realistic design
• Logical sequence of settings - levels flow together smoothly
• Many detailed brushes, often interactive (not all just rectangle buttons)
• Every level has a distinct and consistent theme

taken from the official website



Simply unzip all the files from to the directory [...]/quake/fq/.

How to play

Run Quake with the parameter -game fq +map fqrotpst

You will need to read the manual. Click here to read it online or grab it from the Download section below and read the file manualx.html. You probably want to tweak the bindings a little bit.

For each class, a configuration file will be automatically executed upon selecting the class in game. As a fallback, autoexec.cfg can be executed since it contains the default binds. Below is a convenient list of said defaults taken from the manual and config:

bind BACKSPACE display
bind HOME cycleclass

bind \ inventory
bind . next_item
bind , prev_item
bind / use_item
bind m drop_item

bind n drop_ammo
bind b dropgold

bind ] spellson
bind [ spelllist

bind z I_hook
bind x +grow
bind c +shrink

bind MOUSE2 look
bind y messagemode2
// Display Stats
// Change Class (# keys select)

// Display Inventory
// Show next inventory item
// Show previous inventory item
// Use inventory item
// Drop inventory item

// Drop Ammo
// Drop Gold

// Display Activated Spells
// Display List of Spells

// Throw the hook (pickup item)
// Extend chain
// Retract chain

// Shows info about visable targets
// Team Chat

You may need to enter exec autoexec.cfg;cfg_save in console if playing online for the first time and commands aren't working. This will override custom binds, but should only be needed once.


Filename Size Description 23.92 MB Fantasy Quake v0.92 1.74 MB Fantasy Quake Manual 0.42 MB Fantasy Quake v0.673 to v0.91 23.66 MB Fantasy Quake v0.673 0.86 MB Fantasy Quake VISpatch

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