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Team Fortress


The first version of Team Fortress, an add-on for Quake, was released on August 24, 1996. It was originally written because the authors wanted a first-person perspective, team strategy game for LAN competitions. Version 1 .0 only included the Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demolitions Man and Medic classes and did have any custom map entities.

Shortly thereafter version 1.1 of Team Fortress was released, which incorporated the beginnings of TF specific map entities, some playability improvements and the Heavy Weapons Guy class. These features were followed by the incorporation of team objectives into the game design and the 2Fort map.

On the 22nd of December 1996 Version 2.0 was released for Quake World. It was the first released Quake World add-on. At this point, interest in Team Fortress exploded, with over 40% of the Quake community running servers dedicated to Team Fortress within several months.

To this day, Team Fortress is one of the most played multiplayer mods for Quake. Projects such as FortressOne keep it accessible and fun in the 21st century.



Simply have to unzip all the files to the directory [...]/quake/fortress/.

How to play

Run QuakeWorld with the parameter -game fortress.


Filename Size Description 4.1 MB Team Fortress v2.8 611 KB Team Fortress upgrade v2.9 (Server only) 169.5 KB Team Fortress QuakeC source code v2.9 9.6 MB FortressFest Map Pack 6.71 MB Map Pak 1

Third-party addons

These are must have model replacements for Team Fortress. This is how all the pros play! Make sure to extract first and to rename the extracted pak to 'pak3.pak' or higher. The name of the sniper .pak and the tfaddon pak need to be enumerated higher than coolskins, or else you won't have the 4 new skins for the Scout, Engineer, Soldier and Heavy Weapons Guy.

Filename Size Description 358.8 KB DOX's 62.4 KB DOX's Coolcrap Sniper pak
DOX_2men& 1.4 MB DOX's 2 men & fast mofo + techboy tf

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