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Fri Sep 1 15:38:24 UTC 2023
Volition shuts down

Sat Jul 1 17:15:52 UTC 2023
New addition: Magazine features

Mon Apr 3 16:51:21 UTC 2023
Ryuichi Sakamoto passed away

Sat Feb 18 17:30:19 UTC 2023
John Carmack on community operated game maintenance

Fri Jan 27 18:52:23 UTC 2023
Master server address has changed

Sat Jan 21 00:52:42 UTC 2023
Reflection: Quake II: Authorized Guide Levels

Wed Jan 4 02:32:32 UTC 2023
Feature: A chat with Rich Whitehouse

Tue Nov 1 04:42:37 UTC 2022
Reflection: Swiss Cheese Halloween

Fri Jul 1 17:30:22 UTC 2022
Now operating fully in UTC mode

Fri Jul 1 17:10:28 UTC 2022
Updated the Game Pages with Sourcecode Info

Thu Jun 30 17:11:28 UTC 2022
Welcome users of The Wastes Demo!

Thu May 26 17:41:29 UTC 2022
We had some downtime last night, here's why

Sat May 14 19:01:35 UTC 2022
The Worlds First Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Master Server!

Thu May 12 18:22:13 UTC 2022
We have a Matrix Space!

Sun Apr 17 17:48:37 UTC 2022
TWTest now AVAILABLE for testing!

Mon Mar 21 18:15:58 UTC 2022
Archival, revival:

Fri Feb 25 01:49:51 UTC 2022
Introducing Game Pages

Sat Jul 10 10:49:34 UTC 2021
Steam Play FTEQW is now available

Mon Jul 5 07:37:49 UTC 2021
Introducing Features

Mon Jul 5 06:13:51 UTC 2021
Reflections are live!

Fri Feb 7 22:43:57 UTC 2020
FTEQW partners with Frag-Net

Tue Jan 14 21:51:46 UTC 2020
We've resurrected Gunman Chronicles! (In Web Form)

Sat Jan 12 19:41:35 UTC 2019
We're live

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