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New Feature: Death of x86
Fri Jun 14 01:28:32 UTC 2024

A new feature was just posted! This time it’s about the future of x86, or rather the fact that it has none. This is going to be one hot topic for some, as many identify x86 as the de-facto PC Gaming platform.

Staff member Marco has some commentary on his own to provide:

“I’ve been hoping for over a decade that we’ll finally see some competition in the laptop space, one that challenges the x86 monopoly. I always envied the battery-life and performance achieved in handhelds, tablets and other portable devices (all without the need for a fan). One of the reasons I started developing FreeCS is because I wanted to migrate away from it and still be able to play my favorite tactical shooter. The only reason we stuck with it, is because quite frankly people were too blinded by compatibility to see the benefits. People also tend to be a lot like electricity, going the path of least resistance - until big corporate shoots itself in the foot big time.
Windows and x86 have been stagnating for a damn long time, but something big needed to come around to force people to re-evaluate the path we’re heading.
Luckily, Apple has shown that the stuff we’re currently using sucks quite hard. I’m sorry, there is no nicer way to put it. Maybe something will finally be done about it.
You should read what this Feature has to say. There’s some cool stuff on the horizon after all.”

You can read the Feature right here.

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