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Gunman Chronicles

Developer: Rewolf Inc.
Publisher: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Release Date: November 21, 2000
Chat-Room: #rewolf
Buy Physical:
Buy Digital: never released


It's been five years since you took control of the Gunmen, after the General fell in battle fighting the alien Xenomes.

Now the Xenomes are back in force, but this time there's a sinister presence controlling them. The infestation has taken a new, deadlier form and they're wiping out your forces.

You're on your own, facing a gang of genetically-engineered aliens and the desperados controlling them. Luckily you've brought your guns.... lots of them.

• An all-new gripping tale of betrayal and revenge: over 40 hours of action-packed gameplay

• Four immense and unique worlds to pacify

• Extensive weapon customisations options - up to 32 configurations per weapon

• Dozens of different genetically modified mutants track you with fiendish intelligence

• Intense multiplayer action with up to 32 gunmen via LAN or the Internet

taken from the back of the box


Magazine features

Computer Gaming World #199 - Feb 2001

Source code availability

Neither SDK or source code has been released in any capacity. It's rumored to have been misplaced at Valve, who were the people in charge of finishing and releasing the game.

How-to-play On-line

The original disc release is not playable. Several alternatives to existed, but they're varying in quality.

Gunman Chronicles is in the process of being liberated for all major platforms. Powered by FTE QuakeWorld and Frag-Net you'll now be able to play hassle-free multiplayer using your original disc copy of Gunman Chronicles on systems beyond Win9x and Windows NT.


Filename Size Description
gunmandemo.exe 58.9 MB Gunman Chronicles demo (Win32) 113.8 MB Gunman Chronicles demo (ZIP)
gunman_server.exe 53.0 MB Gunman Chronicles dedicated server (Win32) 86.8 MB Gunman Chronicles dedicated server (ZIP)

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