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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II

Developer: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Release Date: Oct 9, 1997
Chat-Room: #lobby
Buy Physical:
Buy Digital:, Steam


The Force is with Jedi Knight!

"Game of the Year, Best Action Game" - PC Games

"Game of the Year" - Computer Gaming World

"Best PC Game" - Ultra Game Players

• Single or multiplayer gameplay over modem, network or Internet
• Intense Star Wars action in all-new story
• Develop Force powers and become a Jedi knight or a Dark Jedi
• Master lightsaber combat and harness an arsenal of fire power
• Battle a multitude of enemies, including seven dark Jedi, each with unique abilities
• Discover the secrets of the lost Jedi burial ground, the Valley of the Jedi
• All new realistic 3D environments with animated 3D characters and a stirring digital soundtrack
• Fully configurable player controls
• The long awaited sequel to Dark Forces, the award-winning and top-selling Star Wars CD-ROM title


Source code availability

No source code has been officially released, but a reconstruction is in progress over here at GitHub.

How-to-play On-line

We'll update this section as things develop. For the time being you can assume that only LAN play is viable.


Filename Size Description
jedidemo.exe 20 MB Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II demo (Win32)
jkupd101.exe 607 KB Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II patch v1.01 5 KB PowerVR Fix

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