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Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith

Developer: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Release Date: February 18, 1998
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Buy Digital:, Steam


Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, one of this year’s most heralded and best-selling interactive entertainment titles, unleashes a powerful new force this winter with Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, an exhilarating collection of new companion missions from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. Mysteries of the Sith features 29 immersive single and multiplayer levels and introduces a compelling new playable character, Mara Jade, a former covert agent for the Galactic Empire.

Mysteries of the Sith is set in a period five years beyond Kyle Katarn’s dramatic victory over the seven Dark Jedi he battled in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Kyle’s reputation as a skilled Jedi Knight has attracted Mara Jade, one-time assassin, smuggler and Jedi Knight-in-training under Emperor Palpatine. Hoping to complete her apprenticeship, Mara joins Kyle on the remote outpost of Altyr 5. Kyle soon discloses that he has discovered information about a previously unknown Sith temple and must travel to it to investigate the mysterious forces it holds.

Awaiting Kyle’s return, Mara undertakes two missions on behalf of the New Republic involving a band of rogue pirates and a notorious Hutt crime boss. Mara soon finds herself plunged into the sinister world of the ancient Sith, ultimately setting into motion a series of events that leads to a confrontation worthy of a classic Star Wars epic.

In the 14 single player levels of Mysteries of the Sith, players battle through a variety of challenging 3D environments ranging from the foreboding palace of crime lord Ka’ Pa the Hutt, to wampa-infested swamps, and subterranean catacombs of a Sith temple deep within the planet of Drommund Kaas. Of the game’s 15 multiplayer levels, 10 are death matches, and the remaining five set aside for Kill the Fool With the Ysalamiri. (A ysalamiri is a small salamander-like creature capable of deterring the Force within a 10 meter radius.) Several of the game’s multiplayer levels are framed in familiar Star Wars settings such as an Imperial Throne Room, the Carbon-Freezing Chamber, Cloud City and Tatooine.

New weaponry in Mysteries of the Sith includes a carbonite gun, designed to immobilize enemies with freeze pellets; a BlasTech BH-35 electroscope, for long-range engagements; a repeating blaster cannon, for heavy firepower; seeker rail detonators; flash bombs; remote sequencers; and a BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.

The five new Force powers available in Mysteries of the Sith are Force Push, Chain Lightning, Lightsaber Throw, Force Projection, and Far Sight.

Players will battle more than 20 new creatures throughout Mysteries of the Sith, including a dreaded rancor, similar to the beast Luke Skywalker dramatically encountered in the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi. Other creatures range from assassin and torture droids to pirate raiders and Sith undead.

Mysteries of the Sith features an enhanced game engine, including such advances as cameras and security systems and improved lighting for added realism. A copy of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is required.

taken from a press release


How-to-play On-line

We'll update this section as things develop. For the time being you can assume that only LAN play is viable.


Filename Size Description
sithdemo.exe 14 MB Mysteries of the Sith Demo (Win32)

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