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Kingpin: Life of Crime

Developer: Xatrix Entertainment
Publisher: Interplay Entertainment
Release Date: June 28, 1999
Chat-Room: #kingpin
Buy Physical:
Buy Digital:, Steam


Somewhere in a past that never existed lies the world of Kingpin- a landscape of burned-out buildings and urban decay, where local gangs rule the streets. Begin your rise to the top by assembling your own gang of thugs. If a new member turns out to be a punk, waste him and make way for new blood.

Moving up in the world is sure to attract the attention of the Kingpin; eventually you're going to have to take him down.

But you knew that anyway...

• Rumble with up to 16 human gangsters via LAN internet with multi-player gang-bang for control of your turf.

• Recruit a gang of thugs and rule the streets. Your gang will follow you on a big job, back you up in a fight, or hang back to guard your turf.

• Shoot a snitch in the kneecaps, or snuff out a rival with a single head-shot and watch them bleed.

• The local Pawn-O-Matic has the weapons you need if you have the cash.

• Talk to people the way you want... from smack to cool.

Built upon the Quake II engine, taking graphic violence to a whole new level.

taken from the back of the jewel case


Source code availability

The only sources were released as part of their proprietary SDK, with an object file for the AI code. This means not even the game-code is fully portable.

How-to-play On-line

To be written.


Filename Size Description
kingpin_v110_patch.exe 662 KB Kingpin Patch v1.10
kingpin_v121_patch.exe 2219 KB Kingpin Patch v1.21
kingpin-1.20_glibc-i386-linux2.0.tar.gz 3232 KB Kingpin v1.20 binaries for i386 Linux 2.0+ 550 KB Kingpin v1.20 to v1.20 patch for i386 Linux server 1579 KB Kingpin SDK v1.21 22 KB Kingpin SDK v1.21 NavLib object file for i386 Linux

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