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Developer: Human Head Studios, Inc.
Publisher: Gathering of Developers, Inc.
Release Date: October 27, 2000
Chat-Room: #rune
Buy Physical:
Buy Digital:, Steam


In a climactic battle between the gods of heaven and the monsters who dwelt deep in the earth, it was assumed that Loki would fulfill his fate and take up sides against the Asgardians. Of course, Loki was the bane of fate, and he had other plans ...

Rune is Human Head's third-person perspective game of intense action and adventure steeped in a blend of Norse mythology and high fantasy. Players will have to use their brains as well as their massive brawn to survive as they explore the fully 3D game world fighting off fantastic creatures from both Norse legend with an array of swords, axes and magical devices.

• Whirlwind third-person melee action.

• Over 30 single-player levels and over 15 different weapons.

• Unique multiplayer environments including deathmatch, team deathmatch, and unique new melee-based levels.

taken from the back of the slip case


Source code availability

No source code is available to the general public.

How-to-play On-line

The Steam release has been patched to talk to 333Networks, which is great for the Rune multiplayer community! Check them out!

If you want to play Rune online for the Linux version by Loki Games, run:

curl -s | bash

It will make a back-up of your current config (if it exists) under ~/.loki/rune/System/Rune.ini. The config it downloads is configured to run in windowed mode using a Software Renderer because the OpenGL one has since regressed.


Filename Size Description
RuneDemo.exe 86.5 MB Rune Demo (Win32)

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