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John Carmack on community operated game maintenance
Sat Feb 18 17:30:19 UTC 2023

We do not cover Virtual Reality content at this time, but here is something that we felt like sharing. Recently Meta announced the closure of their game 'Echo VR' and game industry legend John Carmack weighed in on it, since he was obviously involved with all of the above at one point.

Here's one paragraph that sticks out and applies to the work we do here:

Every game should make sure they still work at some level without central server support. Even when not looking at end of life concerns, being able to work when the internet is down is valuable. If you can support some level of LAN play for a multiplayer game, the door is at least open for people to write proxies in the future. Supporting user-run servers as an option can actually save on hosting costs, and also opens up various community creative avenues.

You can read the full statement, with full context, here.

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