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Aftershock for Quake

Publisher: Head Games Publishing, Inc.
Release Date: November, 1996
Buy Physical:
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AFTERSHOCK for QUAKE is an completely new game with new textures and new maps made just for QUAKE. There are deathmatch maps included in the game. We also have supplied other single maps for your QUAKE enjoyment.

AFTERSHOCK also contains the THRED editor and some .map files and a non ID Software texture file to start you own editing with. Currently we do not support the editor but we do support the game and launch programs. The e-mail address for support is The editor provided on this disk is a beta version for the latest version you use the internet an go to We ask that you do not use the editor to make levels to be sold commercialy and do not use the textures in a commerical product.

AFTERSHOCK has a dos game level launcher and a WINDOWS 95 game launcher and ping time tester. The Win95 menu also has a ping time tester to check out the servers befor you play a deathmatch.

Our goal at Head Games Inc. is to bring a quality full featured product at a low price. Have fun playing you QUAKE levels!!!

taken from the readme file


How-to-play On-line

Grab a FTE QuakeWorld executable for your system and start playing immediately! You can host a server without port-forwarding by changing the 'Public' setting to 'Hole-Punch', which will show up in's master server list immediately!

Staff Commentary

Aftershock for Quake is an unofficial missionpack for Quake.

Much like Juggernaut for Quake II, Head Games Publishing put out both Standard and Deluxe Editions for Aftershock for Quake. However unlike Juggernaut for Quake II, the Deluxe Edition of Aftershock for Quake does not actually contain Aftershock for Quake and was released after the Standard Edition.

Aftershock for Quake also contains a collection of maps retrieved from old BBS servers. You can find the maps in the folder "SINGLES" on the disc. This is all the Deluxe Edition comes with, sans the credit files.

The UPC code for the Deluxe Edition is 737514211140, which is not worth looking out for.

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