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Author: Dave "Zoid" Kirsch

Capture the flag offers an exciting variation on team play. It gives meaning to base defense along with offensive positioning and strikes.

The basic premise is: attack the enemy base, grab their flag than take it back to your base. In the variation I've written into Quake, you must touch your base flag when carrying the enemy flag in order to score.

The Runes

Runes are spawned randomly, one of each with an unique power. A player can only carry one rune at time and there are only four in the level at once. You can get a rune by finding it, or by fragging the player who has it and picking it up after they drop it.

Preview Description
Earth Magic
The rune of Earth Magic grants the power of RESISTANCE to its holder. He becomes less susceptible from attacks. All damage he receives does half its power. You can identify someone with this run in that they will make the invincible sound (from the Pentagram of Protection) but do not have the "glow" that surrounds someone with the Pentagram.
Black Magic
The rune of Black Magic grants the power of STRENGTH to its holder. His weapons and attacks do more damage. All damage he dishes out is doubled. You can identify someone with this rune in that he will make the Quad sound when attacking, but will not have the "glow" that surrounds someone empowered with the Quad Damage. If you have the rune of Black Magic and the Quad Damage, you do EIGHT times the damage.
Hell Magic
The rune of Hell Magic grants the power of HASTE to its holder. The shotgun, super shotgun, grendade and rocket launchers all fire at double the rate. The nail guns are unaffected. You can identify someone with this rune because you will hear a "roar" as the person fires.
Elder Magic
The rune of Elder Magic grants the power of REGENERATION to its holder. The holder's health will regenerate and increase of the rate of four units per second. The holder may also pick up mega-health increasing packets (as known as the 100% health) and not have it drain. This allows the holder of the Elder Magic rune to have up to 250% health. You can identify someone with this rune in that he will make the healing item sound (when you pick up the 15% health pack) when regenerating.

The Rules

1. Two areas of the map are designated as base encampments.

2. When you join the game (or enter the level) you are assigned to a team. Depending on the configuration of the server, you may change teams; if you are allowed to change, you will lose your frag count when changing. You are spawned at your team's base. If you die, you are not spawned at the base, but at one of the deathmatch start spots. This way, you don't kill a guy defending his the flag at the enemy base and he comes back to life immediately there.

3. The flags are based on the medieval key models. If you pick up the enemy flag, you must return to base and touch your flag in order to score. Note that if you get back to the base, your flag might not be there if the other team has it! Get the rest of your team to go frag the enemy player and get your flag back!

4. When a player carrying the enemy flag touches his flag he will complete a successful capture. He gets a bonus of 15 points. Everyone else on his team gets 10 points.

5. If you kill an opposing team player who has your flag he drops it. You also get 2 points. If you touch your flag, it will teleport back to your base. You also get 1 point as a recovery bonus. This gives base defenders a reward for guarding their flag.

6. Since everyone starts at their base after level change, or joining the game, the team will have to work out who is going to go offensive and try to get the enemy flag, and who will play defense by staying at base and guarding the flag. Yes, this is camping, but its camping with a cause!

7. You can communicate only with teammates by using messagemode2. Put this in your id1\autoexec.cfg file:

bind r "messagemode2"

And then whenever you need to talk to your teammates, hit 'r'

taken from the official website



Simply have to unzip all the files to the directory [...]/quake/ctf/.
Start with the v4.0 Client, then the v4.2 Server followed by the v4.21 Upgrade. If you don't want to host a game, you only need the v4.0 Client however.

How to play

Run Quake with the parameter -game ctf

You will need to bind a few commands. Copy these to the bottom of your [...]/quake/tfc/autoexec.cfg file:

bind g "impulse 21"
bind h "impulse 20"
bind b "impulse 23"
bind x "impulse 22"
// drop current weapon
// drop ammo for current weapon
// flag status
// switch to grappling hook


Filename Size Description 10.3 MB Threewave CTF Client v4.0 354.7 KB Threewave CTF Server v4.2 to v4.21 Upgrade 560.0 KB Threewave CTF Server v4.2

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