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Scourge of Armagon

Developer: Hipnotic Software
Publisher: id Software
Release Date: March 19, 1997
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Shub-Niggurath and her minions have been defeated, but that doesn't mean that Quake's forces are finished. Arriving back at home base, you find it overrun with more of the hellish creatures. Armagon, another one of Quake's lieutenants, wants to continue where Shub-Niggurath failed. It's up to you to stop Quake once more.

Scourge of Armagon is the first official mission pack for Quake. It contains 15 new single-player levels spread over three episodes, a new deathmatch level, and new monsters, weapons and power-ups.

There are two new monsters: The Centroid is a huge mechanical scorpion who uses his sting for close attacks and two nail guns implanted in his claws for firing from afar. The Gremlin is a small and fast creature which can steal the player's weapon and use it against him.

New weapons include the proximity mine launcher, which fires grenades that will attach themselves to walls, ceilings or floors. The grenades are motion-sensitive and are triggered when creatures walk near them. The laser cannon fires energy blasts, which can bounce off walls, possibly coming back at the player or hurting another enemy. The final new weapon is the Mjolnir, being the hammer of Thor. Running on energy cells, it sends out bolts of lightning at enemies when hammered on the floor.

Among the new power-ups are the Empathy Shield, which gives some of the damage received by the player back to the attacker and the Horn of Conjuring, which summons a creature to fight by the player's side.


Magazine features

• Computer Gaming World #153 - Apr 1997
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• Computer Gaming World #155 - Jun 1997
        CG Tips
• Computer Gaming World #164 - Mar 1998
        Best Add-On Pack of 1997

How-to-play On-line

Grab a FTE QuakeWorld executable for your system and start playing immediately! You can host a server without port-forwarding by changing the 'Public' setting to 'Hole-Punch', which will show up in's master server list immediately!


Filename Size Description
all.txt 1.7 KB Scourge of Armagon extensions/SDK readme 559.4 KB Scourge of Armagon SDK 8.0 KB Scourge of Armagon documentation 222.5 KB Scourge of Armagon example maps 93.3 KB Scourge of Armagon updated level tools (Win32) 35.6 KB Scourge of Armagon QCC tool (Win32) 170.2 KB Scourge of Armagon QuakeC source code 114.7 KB Scourge of Armagon tools source code

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