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Artifact Quake


Author: Nick "Singe" Bousman

Artifact Quake is a new way to spice up standard Quake deathmatches. It adds a bit of flavor to the kill-kill-kill adrenaline rush of the already cool battles with Quake over the internet. It's a patch that requires no downloading by clients, so only servers need it for everyone to play. In Artifact Quake, small purple runes pop up randomly in the level. A player grabs one, and until they die, have a special ability or trait given to them by that rune. It's a pretty simple concept. With literally dozens of runes though, quite a bit of variety is added on to deathmatch this way.

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It's a server-side only patch. You can place it in your id1/ directory. If you're using FTE QuakeWorld you can rename the progs.dat file to something like artifact.dat and in your dedicated server place this into your console/config: 'set sv_progs artifact.dat'

How to play

When hosting a game, ensure 'deathmatch' is set to 1 or higher.

The console variable 'temp1' controls the maximum amount of runes in a level.

If 'noexit is set to 3 will enable random map rotation upon intermission.

As the help file states, you'll need to bind some keys. Here is a recommend set you can copy into a config file or console:

bind MOUSE2 "impulse 100"
bind g "impulse 98"
bind q "impulse 99"
bind m "impulse 97"
// Activate the Rune you carry
// Drop the Rune you picked up
// Display the Rune in your inventory
// Display the Help/MOTD message


Filename Size Description 160.3 KB Artifact v2.1 160.2 KB Artifact v2.1 LAN Version 128.5 KB Artifact v2.1 QuakeC source code 90.9 KB Artifact v2.0 (QuakeWorld) 85.7 KB Artifact v2.0 (QuakeWorld) QuakeC source code 158.9 KB Artifact v1.98

Artifact Guide

Name Characteristic
1. Rune of Good Health You imediately get +100 health. Your maximum health becomes 666. Keep getting health box after health box after...
2. Rune of Regeneration You regenerate your health. If you have armor you regenerate that too.
3. Rune of Resistance You take only 1/2 damage from attacks. Makes the invincible sound when damaged.
4. Rune of Haste You shoot all weapons about twice as fast as normal. You also make a cool growly sound.
5. Rune of Environmental Protection Slime and lava GIVE health instead of damaging you. Water also gives health if you stay in long enough. The Button is Enviro-Jump. When in liquids it makes a high jump upwards. This is helpful to get out of the many would-be lava traps. You can't drown. You're immune to spike traps, lavaballs, falling real far, getting squished, ice traps, death spots, radiation damage, death orbs, Electric Rune zaps, and other stuff.
6. Rune of Flight Unbound jumping. Just keep holding the "jump" The Button and you fly.
7. Berserker Rune You deal 6x damage, but take 3x damage. You also bleed a lot and shake like you got too much coffee.
8. Rune of Recall Press The Button, and your recall point is set. From now on, every time The Button is pressed, you'll teleport back to that spot. Good for getting out of tough situations into a nice safe place to rest. It's almost a porta-camper.
9. Electric Rune You're electrified! Anyone in a certain radius of you gets zapped. You get +10 cells when you get the rune, and each zap it does uses a cell. Do NOT jump into the water if you're electrified. This would be BAD. Players with Electric rune will flash and have bolts flickering around them.
10. Rune of Blessed Silence You're very quiet and ninja-like. Sneak up on people, shoot 'em, and they'll never hear it. (note: This died long ago. It merged with cloaking.)
11. Rune of Divine Wind Press The Button, and in three clicks you'll explode, gibbing ANYONE in sight. If someone kills you before you can reach that The Button, you'll still explode, but the blast won't be as powerful.
12. Death Spots Press The Button to create a death spot. You lose 20 health. Run away fast, and in a few seconds the spot will become invisible. The first person who touches it, explodes. It blows up on it's own after a while, but it's more fun just to watch someone run into it and spontaeously gib. :)
13. HoloRune Press The Button and create an image of yourself where you stand. It looks like you, it turns like you, it moves like you, but it remains stationary. Each goes away in about 30 seconds. You can have a maximum of five out at a time.
14. Orb of Death A cool yellow orb (yes, we've seen this effect before) rotates around out slowly. It severly bashes anybody who gets in its way, besides you. When you get killed, it bounces around for a while, lost without its master.
15. Blink Rune Press The Button and you'll randomly teleport. It uses up one cell per teleport. Once cells are depleted, you can only teleport in two-second intervals. Sometimes it doesn't work. The teleport is noisless and there's no teleport fog, so you can easily take someone by surprise. Players with this rune have a small dot floating above their head.
16. Rune of Camouflage Don't move, don't shoot, and they can't see you.
17. Rune of Uncontrollable Jumping Anybody who sees you from a certain distance is just so excited, they can't stop jumping!
18. Action Movie Ammo Your ammo comes from an endless supply. It fills up slowly and steadily.
19. Vampiric Rune You get 1/2 of the damage you do in attacks back to you in health.
20. Rune of Shielding Press The Button, and for a few seconds you're invincible. It takes a few seconds to recharge though.
21. Rune of Strength You deal double damage. 'Nuff said.
22. Rune of Radioactivity Press The Button, and in 5 seconds the area will be irradiated for 45 seconds. Anyone in that area will slowly die of radiation poisoning until they move out of the area. You can only set three irradiation points at a time, and you can't set one in view of another. When you die, you also set radiation points.
23. Switch Rune Aim at another, and press The Button. You'll instantly switch places, ammo, health, weapons, and items with them.
24. Ice Traps Much like the Death Spots, you set a spot and in a few seconds, stay away from that area. The first unfortunate soul to walk there will become frozen for some time. They will be comepletely immobile until their time is up, or they're dead.
25. Gravity Rune Press The Button to drop a powerful gravity well. It sucks players in, making them nice pretty targets. it doesn't affect you. Press The Button again to remove it. The gravity wells also affect rockets, nails, ice traps, death spots, and some other stuff.
26. The Teleport Shuffle Point somewhere, press The Button, and you'll probably get there if you aimed right. It's transportation via multiple sight2sight teleports. If you aim at another being, you'll switch positions with them.
27. Impact Rune All damage you do to someone basically slams them against the wall. Big kickback for those hit. It also does slightly more damage than normal.
28. Rune of Vengance Any damage done to you is also done to the attacker. People with this rune have a REALLY huge head on them. Scary!
29. Shub Hat This one is silly. It puts a huge rotating Shub over the player. It's only use is makes you a little harder to hit, and it's distracting. And you can't tell which way the guy is facing. And opponents are vulnerable because of their constant laughter.
30. Rune of Repulsion You push back people, rockets, and nifty stuff like Death Spots and Ice Traps.
31. Phased Rune VERY hard to get the hang of, but can be quite useful. If used with care, allows the player to pass right through walls.
32. Shambler Helper Your very own shambler to love and to hold and you can name him George. For now, he only dies when his owner dies.
33. Rune of Dual Recall Press The Button and you teleport back and forth between the last two spots you were at previously. Yes, you CAN telefrag people this way.
34. Rune of Weirdness Ethereal little bubbles float off your body, inducing hallucinogenic trances to anyone they touch.
35. Phoenix Rune You have three extra lives. Come back where you were standing, with all your original weapons and 15 seconds of Quad power.
36. Rune of Fire Walking You leave a harmful trail of fire behind you when you run. Helpful in losing those annoying people who chase you. Burn people's legs off!
37. Rune of Floating Spiky Death Cloud Big spiky cloud above you. Shoots little spiky pieces of chaff that hurt people a lot.

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