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Duke Nukem Forever

Developer: 3D Realms Entertainment, Inc.
Publisher: Gathering of Developers, Inc
Release Date: When it's done
Chat-Room: #duke3d
Buy Physical:
Buy Digital: Steam


Technically this game was released, to industry-wide condemnation, in the year 2011.
It left a promise unfullfilled.

However, there are people out there who are actually serious about preserving history - so thankfully early builds of the game's development have started appearing on the World Wide Web.

While we won't link to it, we do want to offer some help and celebrate a game the way it should be celebrated. This comes after many days of hesitation, however quite a few of the original developers have since made public statements that they don't mind and want players to check their work out as much as they please. Thank you!

So while this game is not finished, it's a playground of ideas. There's fun to be had exploring builds like this - so why not make it easily accessible to play online. Read on below!




Source code availability

The source code was released with the leaked files. However none of it was used to build the master server Frag-Net is hosting.

How-to-play On-line

We're hosting the world's first master server for DNF 2001!
Grab the patch below and you can query servers from the multiplayer menu. Nothing more is required to join servers.

How-to-host On-line

If you want to host a game server, read on. Open your Players/profilename/DukeForever.ini file and change the bottom segment IpServer.UdpServerUplink to this:


If you don't have this segment in your DukeForever.ini, then add it in at the bottom!

And now you'll automatically be talking to our master server. The patch below shouldn't be required to host either (only to join).

You still need to port forward. The default ports are 7777 and 7778. You need both of these ports to communicate to our master and players for when they want to query your game.

Note on using a custom port: You can change the port in the DukeForever.ini file. Changing the port to e.g. 4321 means you'll also have to forward 4322 for player queries.

Manually connecting via IP

Without our patch, you can connect to a known IP-Address by opening the console via F12 or Tab (while in-game) and entering the following command:

open ip:port

Where the :port can be left out if the server is using the default. Which will be the case most of the time.


Filename Size Description 2.2 MB DNF Engine Patch (Mouse, support)

Getting 'the game' running under Wine (Linux, etc.)

If you need detailed assistance, hang around the Chat.

• Use Wine-GE as your Wine runtime. We tested 7.1 and that worked very well!
• Your prefix needs to have 'winetricks dinput8' applied to it.
• You need a patched Engine.dll file to have the mouse not spaz out. Check the downloads below.

After creating your profile, you can change settings in the Players/PROFILENAME/DukeForever.ini file. Don't try using the Options menu for much else.

Note that windowed mode breaks mouse-look. Use a Wine virtual window instead.

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