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Descent: Levels of the World

Developer: Various, Parallax Software
Publisher: Interplay Entertainment
Release Date: November 22, 1995
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In August 1995, Descent players were given a challenge: to design a Descent level that was dangerous, tough, puzzling, strange and devious enough to make the designated judges, Computer Gaming World Magazine, stare at their monitors in awe. The contest was announced in Computer Gaming World Magazine and on Interplay's and Computer Gaming World's Web sites. As an incentive, prizes of cash and merchandise were offered to the top ten winning entries. The result is Descent Levels of the World, which yields over 50 hours of game play and over 100 of the best levels chosen from hundreds of submissions. The top ten winners, as judged by Computer Gaming World, are Chris Kotchey for The Catacombs, Bill Sechrist for Alien Stronghold, Daniel Campau for In Square Out, Mitch Eatough for The Corkscrew, Thomas and Joseph Nelson for Turncoat, Bill Hamilton for Ice's Outpost, Arlo Aude for Training Camp, Virgil Itliong for Team Death, Ziv Barber for Descent City and Greg Siegrist for Gehenna.

"Descent Levels of the World showcases the talents of the gamers who have been living, breathing and playing Descent," stated Jerry Lutrell, marketing director for Interplay. "Not only does Descent Levels of the World give gamers more of what they've been asking for, but it also is a natural progression in the expansion of the Descent franchise."

As in the original Descent, Descent Levels of the World plunges the player into a 360- degree world filled with menacing robots, state-of-the-art graphics and explosive 3-D sound effects. Multi-player action is fully supported with an eight-player network, tournament mode and two-player head-to-head combat.

How-to-play On-line

Most likely this works the same way as Descent 1, just make sure all players have the data! More to be written.

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