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Duke Nukem 3D

Developer: 3D Realms Entertainment, Inc.
Publisher: GT Interactive
Release Date: April 19, 1996
Chat-Room: #duke3d
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Murderous aliens have landed in futuristic Los Angeles, and the humans suddenly find themselves atop the endangered species list. The odds are a million-to-one, just the way Duke likes it. Step into Duke's shoes as you drive the sinister aliens through the streets of L.A., out to an orbiting station, onto the surface of the moon itself, and ultimately to extinction.

Hail to the King, Baby!

• Leading edge technology let's you explore an interactive, fully immersive world of towering skyscrapers, deep canyons, and murky bodies of water.

• Dozens of realistic effects like level-altering earthquakes, exploding buildings, working security monitors, and functional subways.

• Full movement control let's you look up and down, run, jump, crawl, swim, and jetpack your way through hostile environments.

• More than a dozen hi-tech weapons designed to kick alien butt, including an assault shotgun, rocket propelled grenades, a 3-barrel Ripper machine gun, and more.


Source code availability

The source code was released on April 1st 2003 under the GNU General Public License 2. The source code to the actual BUILD engine portion was released almost 3 years prior on June 20th 2000.

Trivia: The source code release for Duke Nukem 3D was mainly done as an apology for the lack of news regarding Duke Nukem Forever.

How-to-play On-line

There are third-party solutions available that'll play the game online. You are at your own risk with those as they distribute unauthorized copies of the game. The only modern, official way is by purchasing a different version of Duke Nukem 3D.

If you're using a client similar to Icculus Duke3D, then you create a text-file. Name it something like 'multi.txt':

mode peer
broadcast 1

Where the line broadcast 1 specifies the additional number of players. You can then start broadcasting via the commandline:

duke3d -net multi.txt

It'll then start broadcasting requests out to the network you're on. Anyone can now join it with a similar text file. You can be selective in which member on your network can join via a file like this:

mode peer

Where IPADDRESS will obviously have to be changed to the one allowed to join your game. Note that in Duke Nukem 3D there really is no such thing as a 'Client' and a 'Server'. Everyone has more or less the same authority as it's a P2P game. You can add more allow lines like that. Each one will increment the required player count.

Some Duke3D ports have problems with binding the localhost address (, so you might have to specify your interface manually.

Further notes about multiplayer

Duke Nukem 3D does not use a client-server model, it also does not have prediction or handle packet loss well. Unless somebody makes a network oriented port, it's only feasible to play on a LAN setup.

You can experiment yourself by downloading the shareware. The Linux build is provided by eukara and is based off Duke3D. It requires SDL 1.2 and SDL_mixer 1.2 for 32-bit systems. Source code included, as well as several scripts to make multiplayer set-up a little more bearable. Under DOS the process is undocumented. Also other source-ports all differ in this regard as well.


Filename Size Description 5.6 MB Duke Nukem 3D shareware v1.3d (DOS)
duke3d_sw-1.3d-i386-eukara.tar.gz 7.1 MB Duke Nukem 3D shareware v1.3d (Linux) 3.8 MB Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition source code v1.5

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