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Doom & The Ultimate Doom

Developer: id software
Publisher: id software
Release Date: December 10, 1993
Chat-Room: #doom
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From the cold void of space the demon brood came. The Space Marines fell quickly, their fierce bravery no match for the savage efficiency of the spectral forces. The creatures moved through the base, and Death reigned where they walked. You are the last Marine, the final line of defense against these fearsome beasts still drenched in the blood of your comreades. You draw your pistol and wait. A twisted smile comes to your face. They're gonna need more guys. Lose yourself in a vivid virtual world so real you'll swear the bullets are streaking past your face!

A full nine levels of mutant-laden, laser-saturated, blood-splattered action awaits ou. Texture-mapping has never been so fast or seamless, offering true Immersion in the gaming environment. Breakthrough technology, first found in "Wolfenstein 3-D," takes a quantum leap forward to create the smoothest, most interactive experience possible. This is an ACTIVE world - you don't just play this game. YOU are IN this game! From the first pistol shot to the last blinding rocket explosion, DOOM challenges adrenaline junkies and wanna-be heroes alike. So strap on your weapon, take a breath, and step out to greet... DOOM!

The Ultimate Doom

THE ULTIMATE DOOM for Windows 95 takes you beyond anything you've ever experienced. Prepare for a gaming and technological triumph that's so awesome, you don't play it - you live it!

Try and survive the original three episodes that made DOOM a household name: 27 sizzling levels of the most explosive, mutant-laden, blood-splattered battle ever!

Then it really blows you away with an all-new episode: THY FLESH CONSUMED. Its nine expert levels - including Perfect Hatred and Sever the Wicket - are so incredibly tough, you'll be burned alive!

both blurbs taken from the back of the boxes


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Source code availability

The source code was released on December 23rd 1997, first under a non-commercial license, then re-licensed on October 3rd 1999 under the GNU General Public License 2.

How-to-play On-line

Join the Odamex community, grab a client for your platform of choice! Note that Odamex does not currently support Frag-Net, so you're unfortunately not able to host any servers without the need to port-forward or browse servers.


Filename Size Description 2.34 MB Doom shareware v1.9 0.35 MB Doom sourcecode v1.9
doom1.wad 4.21 MB Doom shareware data file

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